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Visual and Interactive Design

Interactive design or user experience (UX) design stands to be the future in how we choose to convey communicate where we like to not. With the power of technology at our fingertips, this allows the client to take full control, focusing on creating engaging results.

Not only on web and mobile applications, but on mobile devices, kiosk stands, with the actions of swipe, click, tap, type or push. It’s important the application interface design usability is straight forward and clean. This allows user screen navigation without having any confusion.

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Making of the Apple Watch

This interactive design involved with making of the Apple Watch allows the user to interacted with the aid clicking on the buttons, a menu describing the internal working parts, followed an animated exploded view of the watch, a 360 rotation view of the Apple Watch, ending by displaying all the apps when the user rolls over the Apple Watch apps.

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Motion Assembly Interactive Control™

Interactive Motion Assembly ™ a step by step guide allows the user to control e.g cabinet, with a clear and simple interface design. The use of added video controls; play, pause, reverse and forward buttons allow the user to interact.

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Supermarket Stock Finder

Supermarket Stock Finder a simple and clean interface design prototype app, design for consumer to instantly find stock within the store’s aisle. It allows the user to find a stores location, car parking, and pay for the item.

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Interactive Infographics

Interactive Infographics are a fantastic and smart visual media element explaining meaningful content to clients. They can fun and colourful, presenting, facts report’s, animated graphics. Interactive Infographics are endless visual marketing tool, make a big impression.